Our Technology

Our technology is a versatile platform to industrially produce size-controlled capsules, with unparalleled active ingredient containment, protection and delivery. 




The shell of Calyxia capsules have pore sizes that are sub-nm, which is 10 – 100 times smaller than existing capsules fabricated through interfacial polymerisation, coacervation and solvent evaporation.

The result is that the diffusion of an encapsulated ingredient to the exterior of the capsules is exponentially reduced, highlighting the tight containment in our non-porous capsules.


The synergy obtained through the shell material flexibility and the characteristic sub-nm shell pore sizes of our capsule technology, generates a shell that provides a real chemical and steric barrier to protect an encapsulated ingredient against oxidation, hydrolysis, volatility, cross-reaction and premature reactivity.



Calyxia capsule technology enables the incorporation of new functional materials into the capsule shell. This allows for the introduction of new delivery mechanisms, which release the active ingredient on command at just the right time and place of the application.


This is without compromising on the containment and protection of the active ingredient during the product lifetime.



Calyxia capsule technology is designed and tailor-made to address the unique performance and price objectives of each partner and their respective market.


The flexibility in our production process allows for the capsule diameter, shell thickness and material chemistry to be fine-tuned to the goals of containment, protection and delivery, specific to the application.

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